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Co-creating project management practices

Can you imagine the potential of design thinking to the implementation of project management practices at a company?

The key aspect of putting people at the center could make the difference between a successful or a failed implementation of project management practices.

The need for a design thinking approach to project management

Project management heavily relies on standard practices that the team has to follow, but very rarely those practices are consulted with the teams let alone co-created with them.

The team with their internal and external stakeholders is who will be following the project management practices, using the tools and consuming information generated out of them, so it does make sense for these practices to be in alignment with the team’s needs and not being just an out of the box implementation of a methodology.

The processes and tools need to be implemented having the team and stakeholders in mind

Companies hire the right people to help them implement their business strategies, in the same way, processes and tools should help these same people to perform their job as efficient as possible.

Implementing project management processes or tools without consulting the team is not sufficient anymore if we were to create processes that help the team instead of being an overhead.

Co-creation is one of the best options, reaching to the team with a baseline methodology that can be personalized based on their specific needs.

The co-creation of project management practices with the team is not different to designing any other services with the customer in mind.

Key aspects to consider when co-creating project management practices

  • Culture

  • Level of Maturity

  • Team members

  • Stakeholders

Implementing processes or establishing protocols out of the box do not work, are you trying to evangelize a methodology or implement something that really works?


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